This Is Where I Belong; Thank You!

This week I have been presented with love overload via Facebook and Instagram.

A couple of family members and a friend have come to me and shared how I inspired them. This means the world to me and I know that this is where I belong. These are people I barely talk to or just met and it’s amazing that little ole me inspired them. I am beyond flattered and thankful for all their [and your] support.

1: My Cousin Rosalie: I’m kinda excited….and thought I’d share with you since you’ve inspired me!
Me: Oh yes!!! whats going on?
R: So i went to the mall today and I always go for a large or when i try them on they don’t fit well..come to surprise 3 weeks does make a big difference even though its hard to see but i actually fit in a size medium was so excited!
OH YAY!!! OH MY MY that’s totally awesome I know you must feel pretty good!
R: The last time i got in to a medium was like 4yrs ago.
Me: Sweet, well congrats and you did it all on your own chicky!
R: Well with a little help from you and your story and pictures that motivation
Me: Aww I try and I am always am here if you need anything 🙂

2: @nutritiouslysweet: My fit inspiration 🙂

3: Role model: This may come as a shock but @nutritiouslysweet is the best cousin I could have ever asked for. Seeing how far you have come in the last five years is such an inspiration for me and I couldn’t be any prouder to have you as family.

Seriously, any time that I feel that I want to give up, eat off plan or not do my workouts, I look to these posts for motivation. All of you that also support the blog or just my journey are my personal inspiration and motivation and I thank you for that!I make sure to stay on track any and everywhere!Even if it’s always snowing and I just want to eat pancakes all day.Hey at least I always get to wear my boots; my fav winter item!Happy weekend my friends and thank you again! Xo.


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