Double Shots!

Oh, so in case y’all didn’t know, I had my first day at my new job!

I did a double shift and a double shot of espresso was in order for that morning/ night. I am working at a premier health club and it has everything; pool, weights, cardio, classes, boxing area, spa… everything. The people are great and I am enjoying it so far. I decided to keep a couple of overnights for the time being. It’s grown on me and I kinda like being a night owl. Anywho, me being busier means more grocery shopping and meal prepping! #NoExcuses.Plus a new mason jar for my morning coffee.And also quick on the go snacks!Of course copious amounts of dark chocolate for my cheat days. Thanks mom!Question: How do you prep for a busy week? Are you a meal prepper or planner?


2 thoughts on “Double Shots!

  1. Wow!! That looks like a great to go snack!! YUM!! ANd I love love LOVE chocolate!! Sadly Lindt has gluten in some of their chocolate so when I found out I was intolerant I had to give up some of it 😦 sad day… but lots of chocolate is and delicious!

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