WIAW#87: #Gains!

Hello my lovely friends, happy WIAW!

I am going to make it quick because I have a serious paper due this week and I want to focus on that. Thank you Jenn for hosting this awesome food party! Okay, now here are some #gains and eats!wiawphotobuttonPre-Breakfast: Two servings of my protein mocha! (1 serving = 1 cup coffee, 1/4 cup soymilk ,1 tbsp chocolate (or any) protein powder, 2 tsp cocoa powder and 1 packet of Stevia.

Oh yeah! Breakfast; I ate half of a thinkThin bar for breakfast (my peanut allergy seems to be lessening, do not experiment yourself without a doctor’s approval!) with some soynut butter, chia and almonds. I had to wake up at 5:30am to head to work, ew.For snack later when I got home, I had the rest of the thinkThin bar, some fruit, hardboiled egg and some more almonds. Ya know, I am an almond lover.My workouts have been pretty kick ass! Here is a picture of my #gains. Check out those back muscles! They are coming along quite nicely if I may say.

Here was also my #transformationtuesday picture. I can’t believe I almost hit 250lbs in 2006-2007. I am currently 156lbs (higher then my lowest of 138lbs back in May 2013).

I feel stronger and more comfortable in my skin then ever before and I am in love with body building (and with my new tattoo). The plan that I am developing seems to be coming along nicely and if you want to try my current coaching plan, be sure to check it out! Lunch/Dinner: Red roasted potatoes, chicken, black beans and broccoli. Mmmm!

I tend to have a yogurt and almonds for a snack on some point, usually after lunch or as a pre-workout snack.Dinner was some more black beans with an egg, chicken and broccoli. Oh man this combo was simple yet delicious!At work the other day I made a protein mocha with decaf, they have a smoothie bar at this club. So good.Question: What is your favorite thing about your gym? I def love this one with the smoothie bar. Did you know I have four gym memberships and pay for all but one.

Yeah, hastag #GYMRAT.


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