This Weekend

My new job at an awesome athletic club is just that… awesome.

I love their smoothie bar. I have been trying to perfect my smoothie making skills. My favorite so far is their “health nut” which includes, flax, blueberries. almond milk and such!My brother and I had an great workout the day of the snow storm here in MA. I am a firm believer of no excuses. Y’all know that. I am working on my back and like I said, it’s my weakest spot so I am amping my back workouts to twice weekly.This weekend I made Lauren’s chocolate sauce for coffee that she posted on her Instgram. Definitely check her out and I am in love with this sauce! Perfect for protein mochas. I mean, I do have a million empty coffee containers. No shame.I forgot to bring coffee to work, so luckily I had a packet of Nescafe and protein powder. I made a “vanilla latte.” [2 tbsp (1/2 scoop) vanilla protein powder, 1 instant coffee packet and 1 packet of stevia! (Mix in a 16oz water bottle with cold or hot water].It’s probably because I had a date and I got sidetracked. I ended up on a early cheat meal (usually Thursdays or Fridays is set for it) and had this gluten-free chocolate dome cake from PF Chang’s!Alrighties, time to get back to work on this overnight shift. Have a good Monday everyone 🙂

Question: Have you ever been to PF Chang’s? It was my first time and I loved it!


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