Confession: I Hadn’t Slept In Over A Week


I hadn’t slept in over week since last Friday (2/14). I finally went to bed at 2:00pm Saturday (2/22) and didn’t wake up til 1:30pm today (2/23). I know many people who have insomnia and sleep issues but for me, I am very anal about my sleep.I think I made the no sleep look good, no one believed me because I was still cool, calm and collective (like my new shirt?!).

I need 5.5-7hrs to function; any more or less is just not good for me. I have been on a great rhythm, until I started overnights last September. But then I finally got use to my overnight schedule until last week when I had to work three times in less then two days. Things just seemed to spiral out of control; I had appointments and things to take care of, a new class started, I had over to cover a few overnight shifts because the person they hired to replace me, both of them, did no shows. Plus, I’m too nice.And I was being nice and at what expense? The most I slept in a day was two hours and I barely ate solid foods, mostly snacks (like smoothies from work). I would take a mini nap at work during my break, then came home to nap a bit and do what I had to do and either work again or hang out with my mom who came to visit (stay tuned for WIAW). I felt bad because we couldn’t do more things that I wanted to do. I also didn’t like that I was overly caffeinated and pretty much ate every 3-4 hours. My body never had time this week to digest a full 8-10hrs (which is my personal norm) and I was very bloated from that. I also chose a workout over sleeping an extra hour or so, which is unhealthy. My workouts this week weren’t even that great, maybe two out of the six. I wish I had slept instead. I rewrote my workouts so I will be resuming my journal within the next few days. Thanks mom for the groceries!I ended up having to buy some melatonin to help me sleep. I also got some Valerian Root, which I use to take when my anxiety was on a high (it helped to sleep and calm me down). I prefer to go the natural route if I ever take medication or supplements.

I am off to catch up some reading and enjoy a cup of coffee at my favorite spot. Pardon my absence in the blog world and lack of commenting/ posting, but I am sure y’all understand. I will be back on that grind this week. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Xo, Sabrina


2 thoughts on “Confession: I Hadn’t Slept In Over A Week

  1. So did you literally get no sleep at all, or just full nights? Like, were you able to have a nap or two at least?

    Either way, I’m sorry you had to deal with all of that. You really are such a nice person. Next time though… I think you should sleep instead 😉

    I think I’ve been a tad sleep-deprived these past few weeks, getting 6-7.5 hours per night. Not terrible, but I function best at 8. Also, when I start feeling like I’m going to fall asleep in class (or actually fall asleep between classes) then I KNOW I’m not getting enough. Goal for both of us this week: Get more sleep!! 🙂

    Have a great night’s rest Sabrina.

    • Totally is the goal for this week. And well I did nap a couple times in the day maybe two 45 min naps, if that. But if I was resting in bed for an hour or so, I just was wide awake. No sleep at all. My eyes were burning so bad from not closing them. And I understand! Any form of non-sleep is bad, I hope you get rest lady 🙂

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