Body Building: Take Dos!

Alright, it’s take two of this body building business.

Again, after not sleeping for more then a week I am getting back on the work out grind. I say I am set back a week and a half in terms of my workout and meals schedule. So let’s fix that. Like I showed you the other day, my mom helped me get to get back on the grind with awesome groceries. I also took some time to do meal prepping; chicken, broccoli and green beans for lunch or dinner w/ a Chobani and almonds, aka my go to!I also got a pair of awesome sneaks for my weight training days. Don’t know what drew me to the strange colors; I was never a fan. But for some reason, they caught my eye.Check out those delts and bi’s that are growing!And those guns, son! And pardon the blurry picture, but I have been stepping up my cardio game as well. I just hate cardio, but I know it must be done. #NoExcuses!And of course, still making sure to include rest days to catch up on homework. Resting is just as important as your training days. Never forget that Sabrina!Question: I know I have asked something similar of this before, but how do y’all get back on the exercise wagon? Set a few days a week, go back full force or one day at a time?


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