WIAW #90: Just Another Day!

It’s just another day like any other…

Thanks Jenn for hosting! This What I Ate Wednesday is going to be the usual eats in my life and a heads up. For those of you who this may pertain to, today is Ash Wednesday and that means today begins lent. I won’t give into detail on it, however for lent I am doing a few things and one of them includes a mini social media hiatus.wiawphotobutton I will ONLY be doing WIAW posts (til April 17th) to help keep my meals in check. Even though I post 2-3 times a week, this is going to give me time to focus on myself and my training, so you are going to see some crazy before and after pictures… I am sure of it! Anywho, breakfast? Of course some protein pancakes!A little close up of that protein mocha.I was craving pizza one day and decided to stew up some tomatoes with Mrs. Dash garlic and herb, grill up some chicken, plop the tomatoes on top and there you go. Somewhat pizza chicken, not really but it totally satisfied my pizza craving!My snacks are usually another protein mocha, fruit and orange or a Simply 100 Chobani. I love that it only has 7grams of sugar!Plus dinner is above. Can’t go wrong with chicken and green beans. I know this should have been first but I have been starting my day out with greens from It Works and I notice that I am having more energy and not going to coffee for it. Win, win!As for my cheat for this week? Froyo!Question: What’s your favorite cheat “meal?” Are you doing lent this year?


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