Fall Ahead, Spring BACK!

I know, I wrote that backwards… 

And I know I am not suppose to be writing, but I need to get this a few matters my chest. For lent, my main (of the four) goal was to not buy any specialty coffees. I am proud to say that I have not, but I still buy regular. I maybe spend $4.00 a week on coffee now as oppose to $15.00+! Not too shabby, eh?

The others; I have still be on Instagram once a week and still either yoga or sauna for relaxation. It was more for my piece of mind and to get me away from social media and I feel like I have more time to take care of my things. It seems to be that since December, things have been getting better. Up until the past two week, things just went a bit downhill.

I won’t go into detail of things but lets just say it deals with my future. I can say that I haven’t been sticking with bodybuilding that much and it hurts my gains. I have been sick for two weeks and still have a horrible cough that just won’t go away. I know I have some infection and I will be going to the doctors soon. But I don’t think I look to shabby for not really gymin’ as much for the past two weeks.Don’t mind the workman socks, haha. I am very bloated in the tummy, have a lot of pain (lower back) and fatigue. Hopefully I can figure out what is causing me to feel this weighed down and horrible day in and day out. We all go through this “shit” phase. Maybe some more then others.

I know that my close friends call me the “walking bad luck.” I really am for myself, but for others they always get lucky around me. I think these things just make who I am and I have grown a lot in the past year from all the craziness that has happened.

Since being sick, I totally forgot my lease was expiring and that I needed to find a place! That’s been a struggle, but I did find a place and hopefully it all checks out. Please cross your fingers! Also, my car is dying and pretty soon it’s new car shopping time. I am afraid to have this expense in the future but it would not serve me any good if I had no car. The perks of being an adult.

In just three months I am going to be 26. Now I am not having a quaterlife crisis, but I a definitely not where I expected myself to be and I think I am finally coming to terms with that. I know that by the time I turn 28, I want to be in the exact place I am envisioning for myself. Two of my favorite numbers, 2 and 8, so I better do them justice.

It’s not easy in this world on your own, not to mention I am like half sister and half mother to my brother that lives with me. This is the first time he is truly on his own and for me I guess I could say the same for myself.

Life is a never ending journey and somehow things will all work out in the end.

-Xo, Sabrina


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