The End of Body Building!?

It’s another post out of the usual WIAW...

Time to update you about everything now that I ended up in the ER; again. So I told you last week that I had been sick for a few weeks and just started to get back into body building right? Right. But I also mentioned I knew I had some type of infection just didn’t know what. I thought it was related to my kidneys, since I had a problem with them a lot last year.

On top of me over working and over using my body with workouts (plus other things) it lead me to not be able to work for two months last year or workout much. It was a tough transition but once summer/fall came, I was happy to get back into the swing of things. Turns out it was related to that condition and the doctor at the ER said if I had waited a couple more weeks to seek medical attention, it would not have been good at all. I won’t go into detail but hearing those words is scary and is definitely a wake up call.

As my friend always tells me “stop having 8ohour days.” It’s true, I have to stop over doing it. I should know better because my body is weak as is with all my “sicknesses” but I try not to let that stop me. But for once, for sure I need to learn my limits. I am not allowed to do any strenuous activity for two weeks. I’m going back to work Wednesday and won’t be lifting at all either.

What now? Well I am just going to be doing yoga (no power) and using the bike just to keep the legs stretched. Going to also change up my macros as well; lowing the protein intake and upping the carbs a bit. There you have it that’s my update! For now I am going to take a step back from body building. Once the two weeks is up (after April 5th) I will figure out what I want to do again in terms of workouts.

Since I will have more free time this week, I am thinking a new truffle or protein recipe is in order. Stay tuned for that and here is what my past few nights consisted of; reading, hot packs, lots of water and cinnamon candles. Ahh, relaxation.Have a good Sunday and week ahead!


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