WIAW #95: Hotel and New Apt Eats!

Happy [Early] WIAW. Thanks Jen for hosting!wiawphotobutton It’s safe to say that I am out of the hotel life and finally in a new apt. Being in a hotel for a couple of days is nice, but once it passes that and dirty laundry starts piling up, it isn’t fun at all.

Good thing they had unlimited coffee and a continental breakfast everyday so my breakfasts consisted of mochas (using this sugar-free swiss miss), oats and things.We ended up dining out a few times like a Panera. I had a turkey avocado BLT with garden veggie soup. So good!For work and pretty much most of my lunches looked like this but I alternated between chicken and the veggie burger; protein, veggies, almonds, nut butter, Balance dark chocolate crunch bar, protein mocha, Greek yogurt, fruit and oats (if I had an overnight shift).My first mini grocery trip consisted of lots of Greek yogurt and chicken. It’s time to get back into the Body Building swing as I am 110% recovered. Okay lie 99%; must know my limits!Some new dishes and Green Mountain Coffee was in order (not gluten-free!). And a little peach lambic to celebrate. First cooked meal in new apt; garlic hummus stuffed(ish) chicken with broccoli!First dessert; dark chocolate & almond butter mousse.Finally have a steady place with a year lease. It’s going to be a different change because I haven’t had a year lease or commitment since 2007. I’ve been a traveling gnome being in different places every 4-8months.

I am nervous but excited at the same time! It’s not the first choice town I wanted, but I am literally 5-10mins away from everything. Can’t complain there!

Question: How was your weekend? What’s your go to “item” or place when you celebrate events or such?


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