WIAW #96: Bodybuilding + thinkThin Bars

Good [What I Ate Wednes]Day! Thanks Jenn for hosting this lovely food party.wiawphotobuttonFor this week, I show you some eats where yours truly gets back into the body building game. You know back to Greek yogurt, chicken and eggs galore!

I also got this thinkThin high protein + fiber bar which I tried in the store. Man this and the Divine line are well simply divine. I don’t think I’ll go back to the regulars again. Unless they are on sale, of course. I am still mostly doing biking as my cardio. It definitely is less pressure in the lower back/ kidney area. I took my first spin class (and using the spin bike on my own) this past Friday and I feel in love. You will see more of me and spin in the future to come.Post workout or for my go-to snackage, my go to is some Greek, hemp/pumpkin seeds and peanut butter.Or a smoothie at work; almond milk, blueberries, spinach, banana, flax and vanilla protein.Always a protein mocha (with a side of Economic and Social Aspects of Food Industries or so) for the morning.Always chicken and green beans for meals. Sometimes I may go crazy and have brown rice, hummus or broccoli. And yes, I am eating peanut butter. Know what that means? Peanut allergy be gone, whoot!Question: Anyone with food allergies have any disappear or eve get worse?


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