Easter Weekend

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend.

Let me tell you there is nothing like a good cup of iced coffee to start your Saturday morning.Or getting a million Quest peanut butter cups from your co-worker because she’s grateful for all your help. Thanks lady, glad I could be of assistance!Or coming home and making a mean Angus burger and veggies.My brother and I made our own little Easter tradition this year; we went to Wholefoods, and split half of a garlic and herb chicken! For the sides I had brown rice, couscous, spinach, green beans and some almonds. So, so delicious!Of course some snickerdoodle latte froyo happened. Yes, I said that and it was the best froyo flavor I ever tasted in my life, hands down!My friend even made me an Easter plate to take home. Seriously she is awesome and it also came with some sugar and gluten-free chocolate cake balls which I devoured. No shame!And to end the weekend, I had a mini late night gym sesh. There was NO ONE THERE at 1:00am (I’m not surprised), but I had a good little total body workout. I’m back to being sick. This weather change has given me another cold. Yuck.

I hope everyone enjoys their Monday and the rest of your week! Question: What did YOU do this weekend?


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