Coffee & Smoothie Talk

Literally I have been face to face with this computer all week. Thank the Starbuck’s God for iced coffee and the spinach, tomato and feta wrap, which was delicious and I would get it again if I was hungry and at Starbucks. I had a midterm research paper due and to top it off a ton of homework. I spent the first half doing the homework and the second half with the paper. Protein smoothies became my best friend for meals.Like blueberry, spinach and banana or banana, peach and spinach.Spin class became cardio days. I definitely needed a break after sitting in front of the computer for 4-6hours at a time. I seriously love spin more then ever and I did a fun HIIT, which I will share later this week!And my favorite milk sub has been on sale and seriously them protein mochas will never be the same. I really needed all the coffee I could consume this week!And the other night, even treated myself to some homemade pizza for being 80% done with the paper.But I can wake up relieved today that it’s over. I think I did pretty good on the paper, scratch that! I just check my grade and I got a 90%! It’s pretty good considering I had the flu for almost a week and had a late start.

Now I can definitely feel relieved. I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday and week!


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