WIAW #97: Drinks On Me!

With the “warm” weather approaching…

Yeah who are we kidding. It’s been cold in MA (39 degrees last night). I can’t stand it! But I am still craving drinks since my body knows it’s supposed to be warm. For this What I Ate Wednesday, I am going to show you all the yummy drinks I’ve been consuming this week. Head on over to Peas and Crayons for more food party madness!wiawphotobuttonOne morning, I had a delicious coconut almond latte. Perfecto’s is a must check out if you are in the area. I can’t wait to try their maple spice flavor next.Since I fell in love with the coconut flavor, I picked this coconut macaroon coffee up from Target. It is delicious and life changing. Okay maybe not the latter, but you get the idea! How about a spinach, banana, peach protein smoothie for lunch!Or maybe my favorite blueberry, flax, banana, spinach and almond milk protein smoothie?A light peach mango muscle milk post workout? Yes please! How about a gluten-free apple cider?Nothing beats a homemade latte with cinnamon, vanilla protein and almond milk to end the night.Question: What’s your favorite way to end an evening?


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