Legs, Carbs and Fuel!

My legs are on fire; between spin class, leg day and more spinning. My legs are just sore but they feel good. The spin teacher (I also work at that gym) brought me coffee because I really wanted to take the class but totally needed caffeine, so here’s another thanks for saving my morning! I have fallen in love with spin class and even working out legs that I actually don’t like arms anymore and that’s usually my favorite day.If you have my Instagram, you can see a better picture of my legs and see my leg progress. I am making sure to fuel up with lots of carbs for my more intense workouts; some Greek yogurt, a thinkThin bar and chia seeds.Or a protein pancake with blueberries, pb and more chia seeds.Of course a smoothie is in order at times; blueberries, raspberries, banana, almond milk and vanilla protein.I am going to go and enjoy this coconut iced coffee and continue doing some homework. Happy Saturday!


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