Back To The ER We Go!

What else is new?

Y’all know I am always sick and in the ER. This time was very interesting. I found out something that I kind of had a feeling anyway. I usually understand my body and know when something is up; diabetes. I had something happen to me which was a common thing of diabetics to go through. OF course, I need to follow up with my regular diet but I never have to worry because I always exercise and eat well. The past couple of weeks though I’ve been having more refined carbs and too many sweets. But I am just going to have to make those swaps; sugar-free (at Starbucks or DD) or Stevia based products. Like this organic protein coffee thing!And going back to simply plain Greek or flavored coffees, sans the added sugar!And I have a lot of coffee choices. Thanks Target!I also found these protein shakes from Walgreens, which has 6g of sugar per two scoop serving, so I’ll probably have 1/2 of a serving. The chocolate one is delicious and tastes awesome in a protein pancake!Question: Anyone have or no anyone with diabetes? Any advice? Have you tried either of the protein shakes?

Hope y’all have an awesome weekend!


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