Post Surgery: Laparotomy

On July 20th, 2014, I was rushed into the ER for surgery for a laparoscopy turned laparotomy.

Now I won’t disclosed in detail what occurred but I had been losing a lot of blood and feeling a lot of pelvic pain that to me just felt like a bad period due to my high pain tolerance. The damage was so bad that instead of a simple one hour surgery, it took four.Although a laparoscopy is a minimally invasive surgery, mines unfortunately was not which is why it was turned into a laparotomy. The damage was worse then they anticipated and they had to cut open my 3/4 of my stomach instead of making a couple of small incisions.

With all that internal bleeding plus blood clots and damaged on the right side of my pelvis, my right Fallopian tube had to be removed. I still have my right one but they do not know if there is damage there either. Because my issues was on the right side there was no need to check the left. The surgeon did tell me if I was planning on having children in the future, I should have my left tube examined before I tried. It was all very scary and a lot to take in.

Apparently I could have died from the internal bleeding, blood cots or even just from a low blood pressure drop from both. My mom came to visit me and brought me some goodies at the hospital. After being in the hospital for a couple of days, she took me home to New York. I am not allowed to lift heavier then a gallon of milk. In a couple of weeks I have a post surgery appointment to asses my recovery. Walking is still very tough for me but I am able to stand much better. I feel very heavy and tired from all the medication.

I am also not allowed to lift or exercise for a minimum of four weeks. It has not been easy by any means. I am thankful to be alive but to not be able to cycle or lift has been tough. I have a ton of support from my family and friends and I could not thank them enough. At least I get to enjoy a little vacation from Massachusetts before I visit Cape Cod for my conference and enjoy a Vermont trip in late August. It always seems like “something goes wrong” for me health wise but I like to be positive.

At the end of the day; I am still alive and I am STRONGER. I have overcome many things in my life from hip/ knee surgery, food allergies, kidney infections, etc. Nothing can ever bring me down and like they say “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”And that’s the truth.


4 thoughts on “Post Surgery: Laparotomy

  1. I’m so sorry you had to go though this. Sending lots and lots of positive thoughts your way! And a big cyber hug (if that’s not weird coming from a total stranger haha)

    BTW, that is one of my favorite sayings: What doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger”.

    Best wishes to you!

  2. Oh man, that’s a lot to go through. I’m so sorry this happened to you. Hope you feel better soon. Stay positive!

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