#TravelingGnome: Part III

I must admit; I love to travel.

Whether it’s one hour or six hours away. I love it all. My brother and I went to New Hampshire Saturday night to pick up the manfriend to go to New York. I had an Uno’s coupon and had the herb rubbed chicken with broccoli and roasted veggies. Also lots of coffee in hand.  Sunday we relaxed in the a.m, had breakfast then my brother, dad and the manfriend went to a Yankee game courtesy of his sister.Pretty nice view.It was a great time with him and the men of the family.The next day we engaged in some “catch and release fishing.”  We went to Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx…And enjoyed a lovely afternoon.A trip is never complete without some froyo!I had a wonderful time in New York with the manfriend and the family.


Later this week I will post a day of eats for you to see what I am currently eating to fit my macrosGet ready for the third update in my “Journey in Between” series. 

Also if you haven’t, check out my YouTube vlog of randomness, a healthy “margherita pizza,” post–surgery stuff and the cycling certification!

I hope everyone is having a great week 🙂


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