MIMM #3: Them “Feels”

Pardon the incorrect grammar…But I must say I am feeling great! Marvelous is waking up in the morning and feeling like the world is your canvas and you can paint any picture you want.

I recently tweaked my macros after tons of fudge and pizza took over and I am feeling lighter and stronger!I have been cutting back on flavored coffees.

It’s usually a plain almond milk latte from Dunkin or an iced decaf coffee from Starbucks with soymilk. I know I had a ton of unnecessary and sugars from those things.

My mom also got me some new training kicks which give me an extra motivational boost to get to the gym and use them. #NoExcuses.Marvelous is a new little guy in my life; little Herc! My friend’s rabbits had some bunnies and she is giving them away. I’ll get to have him in mid-November.

They are still breast feeding from the mother and my friend is working on potty training them. Can not wait to have him!

Thanks Katie for hosting “Marvelous in my Monday.” It great to start the week on a positive note focusing on the good things.Hope everyone is doing well and have a great week y’all!


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