WIAW #112: Truffle Tuesday

This week we are talking truffles…

Truffle Tuesday that is! At my gym, we had an open house and I made truffles for “Truffle Tuesday.”The manfriend’s dad offered to take some pictures for the event. They came out awesome!I also had a Tabata/spin class. They killed it. So proud they pushed through!Post workout I had some more truffles. Two or three are great for a snack. Check out the macros here in the protein truffles section.No worries I ate other things like the spinach, egg white wrap from Starbucks along side a decaf iced coffee with soy milk. That was lunch and it was delicious!And to congratulate me,  I got some beautiful flowers!I thought I was chocolate-out but I ate some of the leftovers this morning for breakfast. They are just too good.

Be sure to check out my protein truffles and purchase yours today.13493-wiawfallintogoodhabitsbuttonAs always, thanks Jenn for hosting!


2 thoughts on “WIAW #112: Truffle Tuesday

  1. Those flowers are beautiful, and your truffles look amazing. It’s always great when you bake something you can’t get enough of. 🙂

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