Grocery & Vegetarian Happenings

Tuesday at a little past midnight, I was sick.

Not the puke once, drink ginger ale and go back to bed sick. But the I threw up nine times from midnight to 1pm and nothing made me feel better.

Except a Quest bar and vitamin water. Must have been the prebiotics and electrolytes maybe? Anyways, I am getting back on track and on the workout wagon after taking a few days off from being so nauseous. It was a combination of food poisoning and a stomach virus that was going around. What came out of me wasn’t pretty and let’s just say I am not looking at greens, chicken and bananas for a very long time. Well unless the greens are in the form of an Aloha daily greens packet. Or the banana is in a smoothie. And perhaps maybe not too long, but I am definitely going to be eating more vegetarian. I did a vegetarian challenge and also ate vegetarian for almost a year (except on a couple of days).

My stomach/ digestive system did feel better. As I got busy, meal prep time started to decline. I would just grab pre-cooked chicken and a Green Giant’s veggie steamer and go to work. It was just easier for me and the price was right (at a place called Market Basket).

I’ve just have been quite lazy and resorting to just chicken, veggies and some starchy carb. I find that when I am eating more vegetarian, I eat a variety because I get “bored” faster and always need a new protein source. I can eat chicken and greens forever, but after Tuesday that is the last thing on my mind. That being said, I am going to challenge myself to eat vegetarian until Thanksgiving.

Not only because I am “semi-traumatized” but to add variety in my diet. No worries, Quest and thinkThin bars are still here to stay.And of course, the occasional “candy indulgence.” Yep, this was my Halloween treat from the manfriend. He thought I should have gotten some Resee’s but these are way better. At least I think so.I am on day five of a vegetarian diet. My stomach does feel better, digestion wise, but I do have to get use to the increased fiber intake.

One step at a time I suppose?

Question: Are you a meat eater? Mostly vegetarian? A little bit of both? Or just eat what ever your heart desires?


One thought on “Grocery & Vegetarian Happenings

  1. I’d say that I still eat a mostly vegetarian diet but I do eat meat nowadays. Something about pregnancy just made me crave it again. Not sure what I’ll do after baby is born. I’ve considered going back to eating strictly vegetarian but I may still eat meat on occasion. Oh labels 🙂 It’s hard not to define how you eat – especially because friends and family look at you funny when you say you don’t eat meat but only on occasion…you gain the title of ‘vegetarian’ whether or not that’s how you strictly eat. Does that make sense?

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