WIAW #116: All About That Protein!

I’m all about that protein…I ordered some Protizyme packets on Ebay and got a sweet deal on 15 packets. I got a few extra for free along with preworkouts.  It’s been a while since I made a protein cake. Boy was it delicious! I wanted to change it up from the other protein that I’ve been using. But I have to say, Muscletech’s is the way to go for me.I also tried the Quest protein chips. I have the say, the taste was good but the texture was just odd, it tasted like eating paper. Hopefully they can come up with a better texture. I also found this new bar by MET-Rx Prime. It has a “Quest bar” like taste and stats. It’s gluten-free, has 20g protein and 12g fiber. At Wal-Mart they were only $1.98, much cheaper than Quest.They also had a chocolate brownie one. I may have to try that one soon. I’ve also been back into smoothies since I got a blender again. Oh and for something not protein related, I tried these Van’s waffles with the manfriend. They were delicious and he approved. Win, win when he likes stuff I like and we can both enjoy it. Oh, and we can’t forget the java!Thank’s Jenn for hosting this food party. Head on over to Peas and Crayons for more details! I hope to get back into more WIAW posts, since I’ve been trying a lot of different products lately.

Hope y’all have a lovely Thanksgiving holiday (if you celebrate)!


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