Tuesday Thoughts

It’s Tuesday and I have some thoughts.

And a cute puppy face to share.I had a great Thanksgiving with my family this past week and I enjoyed being disconnected from social media.

Maybe it’s just me but as I get older and begin to really focus on my future goals, I find that I let social media go more often. And that’s okay!I am finding that some of the extra time I spent on blogging, I spend with family. Check out my mom in tripod pose!I used to feel guilty about not posting but I know that when I’m back, most of y’all will still be reading. Riley and I thank you for it!I also got a new bunny and she is super adorable. Originally my friend thought it was a boy, so I had named “her” Hercules. When I found out it was a girl, I just left it as is. Sometimes I’ll call her Herculette for kicks.No post is complete without some of my protein goodies. I made some brownie protein donuts for my mom. I made sure to make extra because I’d new I’d want too.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that your week is full of health and positive thoughts!


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