WIAW #117: This Is The Start!

It’s been since November that I posted a What I Ate Wednesday post.My eating has just been all over the place and since my cellphone camera got a “self-made filter” in the lens, I don’t take pictures too often.

I really enjoy blogging, taking the foodie pictures and creating recipes, like protein pancakes.

For 2015, I will make that a goal, along with other things such as sleep. Now that I wake up at 4:00am on most days, I need to get into the habit of falling asleep at least by 10:00pm.At the same time, I can’t put too much pressure on myself, because then I’ll just stay up! I got Bronchitis over my Christmas vacation and the Cool Lime Refresher (w/ extra lime) from Starbucks really does the trick for my throat. An inhaler helps too. Since it’s a virus, the doctor said I just have to wait it out. *Insert eye rolling movement here*


Now let’s recap some of the top posts for 2014 shall we?

Top Posts & Pages 2014

Top 2014 Recipe:

My Favorite Post:

My Favorite Recipe:

There you have it!A quick recap of 2014. I didn’t do as much blogging as I wanted too between school, moving and surgery. But 2015 will be epic, I can feel it! Thanks Jenn for hosting and look forward to posting more eats!

Question: If you’re a blogger, what was your favorite recipe you posted? Or as a reader, what was yours?


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