MIMM#10: Breakfast All Day!

What better way to start a marvelous Sunday morning then with a delicious breakfast and side of Swiss Mocha? Or enjoy a coffee date with your friend at Perfecto’s Caffe post spin; mmm gingerbread muffin and gingerbread cookie iced coffee. This week has been another busy week for me; between work, appointments and getting things done. It feels good to be productive but hopefully Tuesday I’ll be able to relax a bit… since I’m off, finally.Maybe even get to snuggle up with my new, marvelous sweater from Forever 21 and play with this little furball. Marvelous might be enjoying a nice bowl of warm oats.Or maybe pick up my favorite Cool Lime Refresher from Starbucks and an egg whites, cheese and turkey bacon sandwich.And enjoy some marvelous treats; like Skinny Cow’s new iced coffees. Or trying a different petite creme flavor.Either way, it’s going to be a nice day off and I can’t wait. Thanks Katie for hosting MIMM and hope y’all have a great week!Question: What do you typically do on your day off?


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