Friday Feels

It’s Friday and I have some ‘feels.’

Each day this week was something different, emotionally and physically. Good and/or bad. I’m going to do something a bit different today and recap this week by day.

Monday: I was not feeling well at all the whole weekend. I literally wanted to never wake up from the massive migraine that I had. I knew I had to check with the OB and they did blood work and wanted to do an ultrasound to double check I wasn’t having twins. Can you imagine? I had to wait two hours for my ultrasound appointment. Luckily, there is only one healthy baby Gendron who enjoys doing back flips. Guess that explains one reason for my all-day nausea! They are going to be just like me; active! ❤Tuesday: I had the morning off from work and Patrick was off too. It was nice to have a [semi] day off together and be able to whip up breakfast.And get a little pretty. We ended up at Pizzeria Uno’s for lunch. We started off with some bruscetta for an appetizer. I had a Mediterranean flatbread (minus olives, plus chicken). And a white chocoalte chip macadamia baked cookie sundae for dessert. Yes, yes, YES!Wednesday: I came to the realization that some places aren’t for me. I’ve been working my ass off post surgery to progress and get opportunity. I have found a few places that are truly willing to give you the tools in order to grow.

My goal by the end of last year was to have three spin classes (and now I really need them due to pregnancy). Bunny wanna spin?But guess what? I managed to get FOUR plus I’m covering one about every two weeks. Spin is my passion; I love giving people a great bike sesh and getting a good workout! Plus with donut cravings, I could use all the calorie burn.

Thursday: I felt I got a lot of my strength back, both mentally and physically. It’s hasn’t been easy not being able to work out. See everyone’s posts, New Year’s goals, clean eating and working at a gym.

It was overwhelming, especially when all you want to eat is donuts!Most of the nausea has subsided and the medication they gave me is helping. It’s been easier to get more nutritious meals in, which I am happy about. Granted I still have a little headache but I’ll take that versus a massive migraine that knocks me down of my feet.At least to end the crazy week, Patrick was super sweet and got my flowers “just because.” It’s the little things to me that make a difference.Question: How was everyone’s week?

Anything out of the ordinary happen?


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