MIMM #11: #HePutaRingOnIt

Another Monday calls for another Marvelous in My Monday post.And let me tell you this one is going to be extra marvelous. You may or may not guess what it is from the title of this post, but in case you can’t figured it out…

Patrick and I are engaged! Yes “he liked it and he put a ring on it” 😉

Last Wednesday, he texted me at work and said what do you want for diner? Be ready by 7:00pm because we are going out. I was craving pasta and opted for Olive Garden.I had me some chicken and gnocchi soup the start, of course.And then their lasagna primavera with grilled chicken and parmesan sauce.We then went back home and he did his sweet proposal there. At first I was upset because I thought it was going to happen at the restaurant, but I think he was teasing me letting the anticipation build.

If anyone knows me, you’ll know I don’t like diamonds. I like pearls, which is one of my birth stones. This white gold ring has a peach Hawaiian pearl with two lilies on the side. It’s perfect ❤


My mom also came to visit this weekend and we did a little mini “celebrating” at my favorite place; Uno’s.

Still got the same thing and it’s the only way I’ll eat spinach; Mediterranean flatbread minus olives and feta.And she even bought me a baby outfit complete with a stuffy! So cute 🙂All in all it was a great week last week! Today is my mom’s last day here so we are going to just chill and shop around.

If you missed Baby Gendron’s week 11 update, check it out here. Thanks Katie for hosting MIMM!

Have a great week everyone ❤


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