MIMM #13: Super Bowl Weekend!

Happy [Snow Day] Marvelous in My Monday and as always, thanks Katie for hosting!It’s another snow day here in New England and a lot of places are closed yet again. I am snowed in with the fiancé since we both have the day off. I haven’t been feeling too great and took the weekend off from my workouts.

Today I plan to do some shoulders/ chest at home with the kettlebells and 10lbs weights I have after this breakfast. But let’s get back to this Marvelous weekend.

Boy was it filled with food galore and the Super Bowl. Friday night, Patrick and I went randomly to “dinner” and ended up at Denny’s. I was craving a giant plate of delicious egg whites. I doubt there are four here, so I logged in five.Some Marvelous turtle cheesecake for dessert. Mmmm ❤Now I am not a fan of football, I am more of a baseball chick. But Patrick really wanted me to watch the game with him (at least part of it), so I agreed to watch a bit. That’s love right? Sunday morning, he woke up to get me some donuts. I heard of this place called Ziggy’s in Salem, MA and wanted to try them. The sprinkles and apple cinnamon glazed were my favorite. As if we didn’t have enough sweets, I wanted to make some brownies with a vanilla buttercream frosting. Was just in the mood and they came out Marvelously delicious.‘P’ was supposed to be for Patrick, but he kept say it’s for Patriots. What ever floats his boat!I tried this Power Crunch bar and I just did NOT like it. Maybe it was the white coating? Maybe the chocolate one would have been better to try? I don’t know, but I just couldn’t stomach it.Highlight of the weekend? Spending time with Patrick and these beautiful flowers he got me. Love him ❤Question: Have you tried Power Crunch bars? What’s your favorite flavor?

Were you watching the Super Bowl and happy with the results?!

Are you snowed in too?


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