Pregnancy Truth, Lies & Others

I decided to do a funny, rant-type post today. 😀

I bring to you the Pregnancy Truth, Lies and “Others” segment. It’s all intended for good humor, because I am very excited for my bundle of joy.

I’ve been reading Pregnancy; The Begginer’s Guide and let me first say that it’s a great book with tons of useful information. However, there are some things that seem to be true for me and others just a complete lie.  Let’s start with the lies and then truths.

Enjoy 🙂


  • “You should feel relief of morning sickness by the end of the first trimester” – Wrong; I’ve been dealing with “night” sickness ever since the 10th week. Yes some women do continue to get the nausea until the 20th week or even the whole pregnancy. Why do I feel like it’s going to last the entire time? Oh yeah because my job requires me to spin like cray.
  • “You should start seeing a bump between 14-16weeks”OKAY, granted I’m 14wks3days but I just feel “normal.” The bloating is gone and again, I know every woman is different. I know for me I won’t show for a bit because of the extra skin I have right where Baby Gendron is. I can feel the “hardness,” so I know baby is there. I’m comfy with the flappy flap, but I can’t wait til baby pushes through it! Who knows when. *Sad Face*
  • “Sports bras may seem more comfy for you due to increased breast growth”-Wrong. So wrong. Sports bras are super uncomfy and I don’t know how any woman finds them comfy in pregnancy or at all. They’ve gone from a C to a D to now a full D. I don’t like sports bras that dig into the trapezius area (racerback). I’ve just been wearing two regular bras to workout and it feels way better. 


  • “You may notice less hair falling out when you brush”Very true. I have thin, fragile hair that strands are always falling off. Maybe two months into pregnancy I noticed less hair falling out. I also noticed it was a little thicker and shinier, win-win!
  • “You may noticed skin changes”-This one is TRUE, but vague. Every woman gets different changes. So far I have had very dry skin in my face (normally oily), I have freckles/beauty marks appearing left and right in different places (which I like!) and that faint black line has started appearing along my navel.
  • “Common Complaints in Mid-Pregnancy? Forgestfulness, gas, etc.” –Those definitely are the top for me. Most of my bloating has subsided but anything I eat may trigger gas. TMI I know. But literally I forget everything; my phone, my keys, I leave keys in the car, clocking in at work,  you name it. It’s been frustrating. I try to pack everything before hand so I remember things but leaving keys in car is not something I can remember.


  • I don’t know how the fiancé puts up with me. Since week 13, I’ve been more cranky then normal and crying all the time since everything stresses me out. It’s starting to stress him out too. Sorry babe, I’m trying. Hormones, you know?
  • I am not looking forward to when people want to rub my stomach. No thank you, I am not Buddha. I’ll let people touch me or maybe lightly kiss (Patrick does it) but I don’t know about the rubbing action.
  • Sometimes it annoys me when people saying it’s good your staying active. Let me be honest, if it wasn’t my job, I’d be a couch potato! No, I’d probably just walk but my migraines are so severe that I have to take medication before I teach and I would prefer not to be popping pills. But if I don’t, I’d pass out during a spin or Tabata class. Yikes!

Hope y’all enjoyed this little fun, ranty post! Have a wonderful weekend and if you are in the eye of the storm like I am, stay safe and warm!

Question: Anything during your pregnancy stand out for you if you have been or are pregnant? What do YOU think was a big lie during your pregnancy?


4 thoughts on “Pregnancy Truth, Lies & Others

  1. I couldn’t believe how forgetful I was during pregnancy! I had such ‘mommy brain’ 🙂 I was also nauseas for the majority of the first trimester but it quickly faded into the second. Oh man – I miss being pregnant. No lie! I had a lot of belly pain from all of the pulling/stretching but, all in all, I had a wonderful pregnancy and can’t wait to be pregnant again one day!!

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