MIMM #14: Love Week <3

Sunday, Monday?!

Posting on Sunday, but this is for Monday, Marvelous in my Monday that is and it’s all about love.

Valentine’s Day is a week away and I decided to do “7 Days of Love” for Patrick. I am going to give him something different for seven days with a little note. After a yummy pasta dinner, day one was a Valentine’s decorated canoli because he is so sweet ❤Day two was 21 mini chocolate covered oreos for July 21, 2014 and a mini marshmallow heart for a heart so big ❤Patrick and I went out to dinner with his parents yesterday night; kind of like an early Valentine’s Day to celebrate love and family.Marvelous is getting pretty. Day three (today) was three chocolate chip cookies: “Two’s company buy Three is a bundle of joy.” Get it? 😉Speaking of treats, why not share my top three recipes for Valentine’s Day (all are GF)? Maybe some truffles?Or flourless protein brownie doughnuts?Or my all time favorite, Belgium style “healthier” dark chocolate mousse –salted caramel style!Thanks Katie for hosting Marvelous in My Monday. 🙂 Stay safe everyone who’s going through yet another snow storm!

Question: What’s YOUR favorite dessert?

What’s the cutest thing you’ve done for your Valentine’s?


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