Tender, Love & Care <3

Call me cheesy, but I like Valentine’s Day. 

I always send my parents (and friends) Valentine’s goodies. It’s a time to celebrate love and really do something special. Like having your friend take you out for breakfast; noms! There are people that say Valentine’s Day is every day. Yes, I get it. I love Patrick everyday, but I still want my chocolates.

 Speaking of chocolate, I was waiting for Pat’s day five to come in the mail, but with snow storms, it was delayed.

Naturally, I drew it out for him and gave him a couple of chocolates instead. It’s a cute welcome mat that says “All you need is love,”  since he loves the Beatles.Day #6 was a date night! He has a few choices to pick from and he picked Olive Garden. We both got their 4 course for $12.99. It was A LOT of food and there are plenty of leftovers.I also got myself a Valentine’s. I got this cute little monkey that just called my name and a prenatal massage! I can’t wait, because my back needs some serious, professional TLC.As my pregnancy continues, I find myself doing more yoga. It just feels much better on my joints and my mind. And a decaf soy latte post yoga ain’t hurt nobody 😉I am going to enjoy a quiet morning with the bunny bun-bun, then it’s off to teach spin! Hope everyone has a great weekend and stay safe.

Beware, it’s Friday the 13th!

Question: Any Valentine’s Day stick out to you in your mind? Are you superstitious?


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