MIMM #15: Marvelous Goodness

Welcome to another Marvelous in MY Monday post!

Hope everyone had a lovely Valentine’s Day weekend ❤

The fiancé and I enjoyed a nice night in with plenty of carbsThe snow storm started at around 5:00pm, so we had pizza and stuffed cheesy breadsticks from Dominos. Noms!Of course dessert was in order; triple layer chocolate mousse marvelousness!As I mentioned, I got myself a prenatal massage at Shanti Body Works. Sarah was amazing and she really got into every little part that I was achy! If you are in the Northshore area of Massachusetts and mention my name (Sabrina Lopez), you’ll get a 10% discount!On Valentine’s Day, Baby was craving this marvelous array of antioxidants plus a strawberry yogurt. I think they new it was Valetine’s Day and wanted in!Sunday we were snowed in AGAIN! But we enjoyed a nice relaxing day with snacks, movies and massages for me! Can’t forget post-Valentine’s Day goodies like M&M crispy. Or this delicious glazed donut; holy marvelous sprinkle overload!Don’t worry, I eat healthy things too like Triple Zero Greek Oikos yogurt by Dannon. It’s my new favorite.And because I can’t suck it in anymore, I am finally comfy with this new body and letting baby hang! Baby Gendron will be four months tomorrow and today marks an official 5lbs gain! Not too bad for four months right?Happy MIMM, thanks Katie for hosting, and hope y’all have a great week!Question: What did you do for Valentine’s Day? Are you a Domino’s fan?


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