Coffee, Donuts & “Latelys”

Nothing like starting your day with a homemade latte. Or cinnamon oatmeal pancakes  Or your fiance waking you up to ask you what you would like from Starbucks. I decided to try out the new Tiramisu latte. I didn’t really like it, was too sweet and tasted like a mocha. If I wanted a mocha, I’d get a mocha!I’ll stick to my iced soy lattes, thank you.And donuts anyone. They are my #1 weakness right now and sometimes breakfast. #Guilty.Baby has been pretty snack-y lately for lunches and dinners; raspberries, string cheese and Triscuits have been our thing.Or the lemon vanilla Luna bars if we are on-the-go.Sometimes good ole Kashi Go Lean comes in handy too for those nights I am nauseous.Oh and by the way, I officially have gained 5lbs during this pregnancy! Here is a before and after from week 12 to week 16 (2/17).I have been feeling pretty good overall, but the migraines are still there. 

Glad I can handle some coffee but still no greens (until it’s spinach on pizza).Life’s about balance, especially the preggo life.



4 thoughts on “Coffee, Donuts & “Latelys”

  1. Loving the baby bump Sabrina! Your little one is so lucky to have a mama that cares about her health + fitness during pregnancy (and it really will help you to bounce back after birth!) Can’t wait to see how your belly continues to grow 🙂

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