Find a Healthy Balance (Pregnancy)

Today’s topic?

“Finding a healthy balance.”

This can apply to anyone, not just for those pregnant mamas out there. Why am I bring it up? Well, I think there comes a point in everyone’s “health” journey where you just want to give up or just can’t seem to stop eating 2 donuts a day.

For whatever the reason may be; stress, lack of progress, etc. It happens to the best of us; especially when pregnant.There is a little bean that is growing inside that puts your hormones out of whack. Things you loved to eat and do, you find that you don’t want them anymore. You are more tired and may find yourself more sore second trimester.

The first 11 weeks for me were brutal; all I wanted to eat was bagels, eggs and iced lime tea. I couldn’t stomach any veggies, fruit, oatmeal, yogurt, cheese, nuts & nut butter and so forth.I found that I couldn’t really workout much either.

I was lucky if I got in two good workouts and that’s only because I was teaching the class. Once 15 weeks came around, I began to feel more like myself. I found that I was craving my normal “clean eats” and not so much of the bagels and donuts. I found that I wanted to get up and workout. I also learned that I can’t be too hard on myself, after all I am growing a human. Life is about progress, not perfection and I think it’s important to revisit that ideal. So how am I finding a healthy balance during my pregnancy? Well, here are just a few tips and remember they can apply to anyone.

  1. Make small goals for EACH week. I made a calendar (that I will keep using past lent) to keep myself accountable. Right now my goals are: get in at least 2 servings of veggies per week (they still make me gag), practice yoga/mediation at least twice a week, get at least 2 good cardio workouts (my spin classes) and 2 weight training session per week. After I complete one, I do a little drawing (or the workouts I log on my Gmail calendar) and I can visually see progress. In my mind I rather workout 5 times a week, but I know right now that isn’t realistic. If I get in 3 good cardio workouts one week, it feels even better because I set a small goal first.
  2. Practice 80/20: Whether you are on a weight loss journey or trying to stay “healthy,” remember it’s okay to have a piece of cake. One slice isn’t going to make you gain 5lbs, just like burning 500 calories isn’t going to make you magically have six pack. Be sure that 80% of the time you are staying on point, exercising and eating well. That other 20% you can leave for make a small handfull of M&Ms or extra steak for dinner. 😉
  3. Don’t be too hard on yourself. As I mentioned before, your life is a journey, not a destination. Keep in mind that progress is moving forward. Sure right now I am not going to see abs for a while, but I know that as long as I keep a healthy balance and stay active, postpartum I will be able to get that body back and see “that type” of progress.

Is every day going to be perfect? No, of course not. There will be those nights where all I want is pizza or donuts for breakfast. The key is to find your healthy balance and be proud when you make better choices.

This morning, for example, I really wanted a donut. But I chugged a glass of water, made some oats and decaf and enjoyed it slowly. And you know what? Donut craving is gone… for now anyways ;). Baby steps y’all!

I am off to NYC bright and early tomorrow so today will be about packing, teaching my last spin class til Thursday and getting in some yoga. Hope y’all have a wonderful Sunday! 🙂


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