MIMM#16: Busy Bee

Happy Monday y’all!

Even though I just traveled to New York earlier this week, it seems that I have been busier than usual.

What’s a pregnant lady to do? Snack, snack, snack of course!I tried the pear flavor of the Stonfield Greek and Chia. It was marvelous and much better then the other flavor I tried which I cannot remember for the life of me which it was.

How about these NuGo Fiber D’lish bars? I won a giveaway from Linz for a box of these marvelous bars and opted for the coconut macaroon. Taste likes summer!

This weekend though, was pretty chill and I was off Saturday and Sunday with the exception of class.

This means I had ample time to make dessert.Make a marvelous breakfast for the fiancé.And… one for myself (I’ve been feeling oaty). Play with bunny. And even sneaked in a bump selfie {17Wks4Days}.Oh and happy March! 🙂

This month is going to be nuts: Between covering more spin classes (and working more in general), bump growing, our last month in this apartment, doctor’s appointments galore… it’s going to be a busy one!

I hope y’all had a marvelous weekend and have a wonderful week ahead. As always, thanks Katie for hosting Marvelous in My Monday!


5 thoughts on “MIMM#16: Busy Bee

  1. All I can say is…can I come over your house?! Haha, looks amazing! Love the bump selfie! We’re not too far apart in our pregnancies! Good for you and all the spin classes! I miss spin–I actually saw my spin shoes the other day and felt sorry for them.

    • Awww Leah you are too kind and cute! I haven’t had my spin shoes on since November! And no we are not! it’s cool to see diff/ similarities 🙂 After April, I can’t teach anymore :\ I teach 2 classes a week now as of this and sub here and there. I will miss it and my spin crew! 😦

      • Thank you 🙂
        Yes, I remember you said that by not wearing spin shoes it helps control your intensity (so smart!). I will have to wait until postpartum to get back on the bike, it’s just been too long now. I’m sure your spin crew will miss you back! I wish you the best and at least you have one full great month left on the bike! 🙂

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