Baby Gendron: 18 Weeks!

Baby Gendron is officially 18 weeks today!We are almost halfway there. I like to keep it in back of my mind because it means summer is closer every week. Let’s get into a recap of how things are going, shall we?

Weight Gain: 7lbs. I catch myself trying to suck in my stomach just out of habit but, you know what? Just gotta let baby hang! I was on track with the first trimester, gaining a total of about 3lbs (1-5lbs being average).

Now I should be gaining about 1lb per week from here. I started the pregnancy at I’d say 162ish and now I am holding steady between 168.8lbs and 169lbs, still on track!

Workouts: Still teaching about 3 spin classes a week and the Stretch/Abs and Tabata class. My PERSONAL workouts are maybe 1-2 times a week, one being yoga. I’ve been wanted to be a bit more active/ lift some weights (the spin classes are the only real “active days”). I found a YMCA close to my house, so I will definitely get there a couple of times a week. They also have yoga classes, which is great! 


  • Migraines: Down to 1-2 a week. Still taking either one Excedrin tension headache or one fioricet.
  • Exhaustion: I’ve been a bit more tired and restless at the same time… Grr!
  • Nausea: Maybe 1-2x’s per week.
  • Others: A lot more back pain and cramping the past couple weeks. Breasts are still growing, slowly but still growing.

Food Aversions: I can now handle coffee and dark chocolate again. Greens are a hit or miss but I am trying! Still refuse protein powders, just the thought makes me gag (even in pancakes/ oatmeal).

Food Cravings: For the past couple of weeks we have:

  • Oatmeal/ Raspberries (finally something healthy right?!)
  • Dairy Milk
  • Stonyfield Greek Yogurt
  • Orange Juice
  • V8 Splash Berry Blend
  • String Cheese
  • Lollipops (or other random candies)

Maternity Clothes: Nothing new yet, waiting for dresses!

Stretch Marks: None. Just my daily cocoa butter slathering.

Sleep: Sleep isn’t too bad, but I have had a lot of cramping in the middle of the night and the having to pee 24/7! 😦

Gender: We are going to find out today! *cross your fingers* 🙂

Baby Items Purchased: My mom and I did the baby registry last week, so that is all set! 

Looking Forward To: Having a bit more energy this week, means I can get a bit more active! Also baby shower in May to see all the family I haven’t seen in months or years ❤

Question: Are you ready for summer yet? I know I am! 

Frogs or giraffes?

For all things pregnancy related; click here! ❤


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