Spin Playlist #1: My Top 12

As I sit here eating my Saturday morning multigrain croissant from Barnes and Nobles, it got me thinking.I’ve been having trouble finding good spin music, so I decided to get Pandora One for a month and listen to a little bit of everything from artist I like.

I’ve been finding some old school (and new, of course) for my spin playlists and workouts. If you teach spin or like to bike on your own, I put next to each song what I use it for in class. Feel free to do your own thing!

Alright, here are my top 12 songs currently swirling around in my playlist!

1. I Want You To Know ft. Selena Gomez by Zedd (I use this for a warmup)

2. Love Me Again (Love Thy Brother Remix) by John Newman (another good warmup song)

3. Mambo #5 by Lou Bega (Fun for a jump/ sprint combo)

4. I Need Your Love ft. Mohombi, Faydee, Costi by Shaggy (Good vibe for fun jump/ hill combo)

5. Your Love (Kevin Wild Remix) by The Outfield (Sprints)

6. Reload by Sebastian Ingrosso & Tommy Trash & John Martin (Sprints)

7. Judas by Lady Gaga (Heavy hill and jumps combo – a killer!)

8. Booty (feat. Pitbull) by Jennifer Lopez (Hill, sometimes I throw in jumps too)

9. Billie Jean by Michael Jackson (Heavy Hill)

10. My Body by Young the Giant (Hill)

11. Sugar by Maroon 5 (Sweet cool down)

12. Superstar by Lupe Fiasco (another good cool down)

There you have it, my top 12 spin/ workout songs currently playing in my iPod!

Question: What songs are you currently jamming while you workout/ spin?


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