MIMM #17: Recent Eats!

Guess what marvelousness came in the mail on Friday? That’s right my Skoop sample box. I decided to give it a try since I have been lacking veggies during this pregnancy.

I’m not really a fan of supplement greens, since they don’t always taste that great.Linz gave it a great review, so why not? After I try them out, I will have a review of my own. Stay tuned.

Also on Friday, I had this delicious multigrain croissant from the Barnes and Nobles cafe. Didn’t even know these marvelous things existed!Another thing I didn’t know existed? Quick steel cut oats. I love steel cut for the texture, but it takes so long to cook. Now they come in quick form and I prep them the same as regular quick oats; one serving in a bowl with a splash of vanilla extract and enough water to cover oats. Let it sit overnight in the fridge and heat in microwave for breakfast. Add desired toppings.

Like maybe a splash of Califia Farms vanilla protein almond milk? I found this in my grocery store and guess what?Tastes pretty marvelous! Definitely give it a try if you find.

Lastly, Sundays. I love Sundays because I get to be all domesticated and make breakfast for the fiancé. It’s always pancake Sunday in our house. This was a maple vanilla batch with a touch of cinnamon.I hope everyone has a marvelous Monday and thank you Katie for hosting MIMM!Question: Have you tried Skoop or supplement greens? Are you a steel-cut oats fan?


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