Pregnancy Health & Fitness

Happy Saturday y’all!Today’s post is health and fitness related and I am going to talk about my health and fitness so far during my pregnancy. Most of my information I have gathered for advice was through Baby Center or from hearing tips from veteran mamas. Once baby Samantha is born, I will recap third trimester into postpartum.


First Trimester (til 6-8Weeks)
 I didn’t find out I was pregnant until almost two months. At that time, I was finally back into the swing of bodybuilding (maybe 3-4 Weeks into it post surgery) and counting macros.

  • Macros: My average macros “pre-pregnancy” were around 180Carbs, 120Protein and 65Fat.
  • Workouts: I was lifting four times a week dividing back, bi’s, tri’s, shoulders, chest, abs and lower body. I also reserved two days for rest and one day for just cardio (usually spin). I also did cardio on one of the arm days, usually was on shoulders.
  • Instructing: I was teaching spin about 4 times a week, plus two Tabata/HIIT classes and one Stretch&Abs class. It wasn’t until til 7th week I began to get very nauseous.


First Trimester (8-13Weeks)
I was just super nauseous and tired to teach all my classes. I ended up giving up a Tabata and spin class to have more rest.

  • Macros: Man did my protein plummet. I was a tad worried but I knew what was most important was keeping at least some food in my system. I mostly ate bagels, cereal, eggs and iced tea. Macros mostly came from carbs: 280-320Carbs, 55-70Protein, 50Fat.
  • Workouts: If I wasn’t an instructor, I probably would have been in bed all day. I dropped down to doing spin 2-3 times a week and 1 weight training day (mostly legs).
  • Instructing: I dropped down to teaching spin about 2-3 times a week (usually asked for coverage), one Tabata/HIIT class and the one Stretch&Abs class.


Second Trimester 13Weeks to Now (20Wks)

At about 11-12 Weeks, I began to get my energy back and eating a bit more protein. I was able to handle some Quest bars, yogurt, meats and cheese.

  • Macros: They got much better. Still about 55% of them came from carbs, which is okay with me. They average 290-340Carbs, 85-100Protein and 65-70Fat. Calorie wise, I am eating about 2100-2400. I eat when I am hungry and if I go over one day, I don’t stress out because there are maybe a day or two in the week I’m a bit under. I also made sure to get in more water, because the first two months was all sugary iced tea.
  • Workouts: For lent, I decided to up my yoga, so I must do at least 20-45mins of yoga twice a week. I am also still doing spin, but only 2-3 times a week plus 1-2 weight training days (usually arms and a lower body).


  • Instructing: Now only teaching spin 2-3 times a week. I dropped another spin, plus the Tabata/Hitt and Stretch&Abs class. I’ve been picking up spin classes and work at my yoga studio to make up for it.

The key things I try to focus on are staying active, yet making sure to rest and eating as best as I can. I tried to eat mostly whole foods now that my “normal” appetite is back. Lots of fruits, yogurts, light string cheese, turkey, whole grains and such.

I also am taking my daily prenatal, probiotics and using Skoop’s A-Game to get greens in (veggies are the only thing that are still a turn off). All I can do is take it one day at a time and be as healthy and fit as I can be for Samantha and I ❤

Question to Pregnant Mamas or Veteran Moms: How do/did you stay healthy during your pregnancy? What were your go to foods or workouts?


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