MIMM #18: Marvelous Eats & Treats

Happy, happy Monday.We are almost halfway done with March, can you believe it?

It also means I am almost halfway there til we meet baby Samantha! To “celebrate,” I did a marvelous post this past Saturday recapping my health and fitness from pre-pregnancy up until now and bought her these cute items last week.Marvelous is steel cut oatsAnd lots o’ fruit! I am seriously loving these steel cut oats from Quaker, along with these other items for breakfasts.Kathleen’s Quick Oats saved me during my long-ass Saturday. I was up at 6:00am. I don’t remember the last time I woke up that early for work. Maybe January?On my late work day this week, I came home to a little Quest surprise from Patrick. He gets me 😉On one of the sunny day’s last week, I took a little walk through my neighborhood. The sound of the water, the sun and the birds chirping, means Spring is coming soon.I replenished after with some Skoop aka my new favorite “supplement” addition to my diet.And that was my week ❤ It was busy but really nice with the sunny weather. Hope everyone has a wonderful week, Happy St. Patrick’s Day and of course, thanks Katie for hosting Marvelous in My Monday 🙂

Question: What’s your current go-to breakfast? Have you tried Kathleen’s Quick Oats?


5 thoughts on “MIMM #18: Marvelous Eats & Treats

  1. My go-to breakfast is peanut butter, banana, and some type of bread. Lately, my “bread” has been english muffins, but toast, bagels, etc are all good fill-ins 😉 Your breakfast looks delish!

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