Halfway There: Baby Gendron 20 Weeks!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day my lovely friends!

It’s Tuesday, which means my part-Irish Baby Samantha is 20 Weeks. We are officially halfway there and boy is the time is flying. Let’s recap how the past couple of weeks have been shall we?

Weight Gain: 9lbs and officially in the 170s! I was on track with the first trimester, gaining a total of about 3lbs (1-5lbs being average). From now til birth, it’s going to be about a pound gained per week.

Workouts: Now teaching about 2-3 spin classes as of this week. My PERSONAL workouts are maybe 2-3 times a week, one being yoga and the others being strength training. If you missed my pregnancy health and fitness post, click here!


  • Migraines: A bit more again 2-3x’s a week. Still taking either one Excedrin tension headache or one fioricet.
  • Exhaustion: For the most part, my energy levels are back and I need a nap maybe once a week.
  • Nausea: A bit more again too, maybe 2-3x’s per week.
  • Others: A lot more back pain the past couple weeks. Breasts are still growing and super sore.

Food Aversions: Eating has gone back to “normal” for the most part with the exception of eating veggies plus a few cravings here and there. Still have the gag reflex for them greens but Skoop A-Game helps me make up for it.Food Cravings: For the past couple of weeks we have:

  • Steel Cut Oatmeal/ Raspberries
  • Yoplait Whips
  • Quest Bars
  • LOTS o’ Orange Juice (apparently that’s common!)
  • Iced teas
  • Salt-y & Carb-y Meals
  • Lollipops (or other random candies)

Maternity Clothes: Nothing new yet, but I really need to get some long workout tops. They are getting “shorter” and snug.

Stretch Marks: None. Just my daily cocoa butter/ coconut oil slathering.

Sleep: Sleep isn’t too bad, but I have had a lot of cramping in the middle of the night and the having to pee 24/7! 😦

Gender: It’s a girl; Samantha Julia Gendron

Baby Items Purchased: Lots of girly and giraffe loot ❤ There is so much on sale (50-75% off) that we are taking advantage.And other things from Pat’s friends and coworkers! Looking Forward To: Baby shower in May to see all the family I haven’t seen in months or years!

Question: Any plans for St. Patrick’s Day? Me? Just working and no drinking. Maybe just Starbucks drinking. It’s green right? 😉

For all things pregnancy related; click here!


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