Thinking Out Loud #3: Furbaby & Baby Girl

My furbaby girl. She is just adorable and likes to be quite mischievous. She follows me everywhere and never lets me pee in peace.I wonder if my baby girl will be the same. Probably so, I tend to have little tails.I had another ultrasound done on Tuesday, just to check on Samantha’s heart since they couldn’t see it too clear at 18 weeks. Verdict? Super healthy pumping heart ❤My healthy and weight are also in check; I must thank my fitness instructing and the yoga. Of course, fueling myself right helps develop a healthy baby.I found these steel cut oat packets by Oat Revolution! The reason why I look for packaged oats is because it’s fortified with iron. Sometimes iron pills just make me nauseous.I also found a couple of Starbucks’s mocha light frappuccino’s at Big Lots. I love when they have random things that you just so happen to need and at a great price.That’s a wrap for the random thoughts on my head today. Thanks Amanda for hosting Thinking  Out Loud 🙂

Question: Ever shop at Big Lots? Have you tried Oat Revolution oat packets?


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