Thinking Out Loud #4: Simply Random

Good morning y’all. If you haven’t checked out my Vermont recap, you should! I took some nice pictures and had some delicious eats.We were celebrating our more then halfway mark to meeting Samantha ❤ {21 Weeks}Speaking of delicious eats, there is nothing like coming home to flowers, Quest bars and Cabot Cheese. Or to a little bunny who thinks it’s always feeding time.And thinking of cute things reminds me of the walk Patrick and I took to Endicott park. It has a little barn with some animals. This guy was straight enjoying the sunshine.Today is a busy work day for me, pretty much 12:00pm-9:30pm. I’m going to need some more coffee to keep me going! Hope everyone has a wonderful day and rest of your week 🙂 Thank’s Amanda for hosting thinking out loud!

Question: Do you love the spring weather for those random walks? Or for the sunshine and warmth? Or both!? I am all for spring and summer to come asap!


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