MIMM #22: Pet Overload!

Tell me this marvelous face doesn’t make you smile?I am so obsessed with Herc. Imagine when Samantha comes {23Weeks3Days}?How marvelous is this “Sweating for Two” tank? I found it on Etsy for $20!

There is a nice brand called “For Two Fitness,” but their shirts are way too expensive and I don’t like the sides.

I just wanted something cute for prental yoga I could grow with and have a bit for post baby. I’ll still look pregnant and technically be sweating for “two;” for me and my health and for my baby to have a healthy mama. 

So pets, right?

And cupcakes… I have marvelous critters to hang with at at the in-laws.They also make great nap buddies. Cute faces!Very sophista-cat-ed 😉That is my pet overload for your Monday. Thanks Katie for hosting!Question: Cupcakes or cake?

Cats or dogs? #BunnyBiased 😉


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