Thinking Out Loud #6: Spring Is Here!

Today is my mom’s birthday.So I made her some protein brownie doughnuts.Mmmm doughnuts. Happy birthday mom ❤It’s so nice that spring (for the most part) is finally here! Yay for warm walks and pizza nights out on the porch. Plus lots of iced coffee!And way more leggings.And of course, more yogaAll things Spring  are on my mind this week! Hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday and thanks to Amanda for hosting #thinkingoutLOUD!Question: Are you thinking Spring this week?

What’s your favorite way to enjoy warmer weather?


4 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #6: Spring Is Here!

  1. MMmm.. Doughnuts. Yeah, it was feeling like spring here, but well, it snowed today. Colorado is wonky like that. That’s why we say, ‘Don’t plant till after Mother’s Day here.’

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