Thinking Out Loud #9: Home, Sweet, Home <3

After a crazy fiasco and much stress of looking for a place for the past few months…

Patrick and I finally found our first official apartment together (there are 6 units).We couldn’t be happier with the location (for both our jobs) and I just love the kitchen.Not to mention this view!It’s nice that there is a park right across the street where I can walk and take Samantha out for a stroll.Celebratory cupcakes were in order.And Starbucks! Speaking of celebrating, I was happy to find out at my OB appointment that my glucose level was 99 (max is 130). I celebrated with a Kettlebell workout and spin! I’m feeling super strong 😉

Although thoughts of the new place are on my mind, I am happy to not have thoughts of the search stress! Now to wait til Samantha is born for “parental stress.” Of, course it’s welcomed stress. ❤

Thanks Amanda for hosting Thinking Out Loud Thursdays! Hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend 🙂


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