Thinking Out Loud #10: Baby Shower, NYC & Moving

What a crazy week and a half.

Between signing the lease to our new place and our baby shower We celebrated our baby girl to be with a baby shower in New York this past weekend.My mom put the whole thing together, she is just too amazing!  For the full baby shower recap and my 30 Week update, click HERE 🙂If you’ve been keeping up with the pregnancy posts, you know that the theme is giraffes/ jungle.Hopefully Samantha doesn’t hate them too much.  
We also showed Pat’s parents around the city and went to the Museum of Natural History. It was super crowded but was a nice day!A little Dave and Buster’s action ain’t hurt nobody 😉Fast forward to today, we still have unpacking and U-haul renting for our furniture. As always, thanks Amanda for hosting thinking out loud Thursdays!

Question: What did you do this past Memorial Day weekend?

Ever been to Dave & Busters?


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