MIMM #29: Sunny “Bump” Days

The end of this week was such marvelous weather. I don’t mind rainy weather if I am off from work, but to drive in is just super gross!Marvelous morning for a bump stroll.And coffee ❤And… this marvelous slow roasted ham & swiss croissant sandwich from Starbucks. Sorry for the bump overload today but I just can’t believe I have 8 weeks left as of tomorrow. I was actually a little sick this weekend and went to the ER. Baby Samantha is fine and marvelous, it was just me that was very dehydrated and it triggered some contractions. I’ve been ordered to take it easy this week.At least, I get to play and watch this messy Bun-Bun. And organize some marvelous baby loot I picked up at Buy Buy Baby .I’m off to relax and enjoy my day off. Hope everyone has a wonderful week and thanks Katie for hosting MIMM!Question: What do you enjoy doing for relaxation?


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