MIMM #30: #Cravings

Marvelous is organizing and doing fun DIY projects.Since we finally got our furniture all settled into the new place, it feels more like home.
Now it’s all about putting up fun pictures and decoration. Oh, hello! Maybe just take a cat nap?Marvelous is bagels and Subway. I use to hate Subway until I got pregnant! #Cravings.Still with the cereal cravings. #AllDayEveryDay!And enjoying marvelous drinks, like this one.This week? I am going to rest some more,Ā I am so beat! Hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead and thank you Katie, as always for hosting MIMM!

Question: Are you into DIY decorating or do you just get pieces that match and are all set?


4 thoughts on “MIMM #30: #Cravings

  1. I’m not much of a decorator. Our house is pretty bare to tell the truth. I like to mix and match pieces but have a hard time making decisions so that’s why my walls have continued to stay bare and we don’t have a ton of furniture šŸ˜€ Oh decisions, decisions…

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