MIMM #31: 27th & Beyond!

Happy birthday to me 🙂

I am a whole 27 years old today and I like to say it’s my last “single lady” birthday because my 28th, I will be married and with baby Samantha.
That’s a lot!
Marvelous ❤ 27 is going to be a very marvelous year for sure. Mmmm the marvelous smell of summer. And pizza at the park! Yesterday, we had a Father’s Day/ my birthday dinner with my in-laws. He’s going to be the best dad ❤ We went to Not Your Average Joe’s and I had a turkey burger.Tomorrow we are headed to the marvelous NYC for a Yankees vs. Phillies game/ mini getaway.

I get to continue birthday celebration with my family. Means more cake and I can’t say no to more cake 😉 Thanks Katie for hosting MIMM and hope everyone enjoys the week and happy Summer!

Question: Ever been to Not Your Average Joe’s? What’s your favorite summer scent?


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